Al Hussain
International Trading Co.Ltd.,


Company Summary
Business Division
Import & Export / 輸入輸出代理店

Our expertise covers not only automobiles, but also food, furniture, supplements, cosmetics and so on. ALHでは自動車のほか、質の高い食料品やサプリメントなどを世界各国で輸出・販売しています。

Business Division
Distribution / 販売代理店業務

With our expertise in export business, ALH also works as a sales agency of a principal's goods or services. ALHでは輸入業での知識と信頼から、商品の販売代理店業務も行なっています。

Worldwide / 世界各国で展開

We have been engaged in businesses worldwide - especially South East Asia and Africa. 弊社の取引は、特に東南アジア・アフリカを重点的に世界各国に展開しています。

Hose Mizuno - CEO
水野 保世 - 代表取締役

Originally started as an export agency of Japanese automobiles for South East Asia, we have established trust across Asia for over 10 years.